If you, or somebody you know is experiencing, or think you are experiencing, or even just have questions about

  • Substance Addiction or abuse

  • Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse

  • Depression, Anxiety and/or other mental health issues.

  • Physical Health Issues



Please feel free to reach out to one or more of the following organizations. 




If you find yourself contemplating asking for help, but are hesitant due to fear for your safety, stigma, or any other reason, keep in mind that this website isn’t a trick, and these are organizations that have people who are professionals, friendly and want to help those who want to help themselves.  The people within these organizations are not here to judge you, or find ways to get you in trouble, they are here to find the best ways to get you whatever it is you need, to feel the best about yourself, and put you in the best situation you deserve to be in.

Licensed and certified residential substance abuse treatment facility. Provides treatment and recovery services to men and women who wish to develop meaningful, drug-free lifestyles.

Alcohol and drug addiction treatment program; goals are to assist women in treating their addictions and to support them to become healthy, productive women and mothers. Child care is provided on site for children 5 and under; offers mental health counseling.

211 provides information on community resources and appropriate referrals. Extensive database with numerous resources; a real live friendly person helps you find the right resource.

Street outreach, case management, job search, hire attire, computer lab, kid's program and resume prep, homeless court, etc.

One of five community resource centers operated by St. Joseph Health- Humboldt County; coordinates local programs and provides community information and referrals.

Services offered through the HNFRC include: Food programs, health services, student and family support, counseling (alcohol and other drugs), clothing closets, tutoring, lice checks, play groups, free computer.internet/fax, community events and activities and job support.

Support group for family/friends of those struggling with drug/alcohol addictions. Various meeting places and times throughout Humboldt

A Collaborate effort of:
Alcohol Drug
Care Services, Inc.