Let’s Get Real---anti-drug campaigns suck. 
They’re corny, overly dramatic, and rely on broad scare tactics to get their message across.


Let’s Get Real Eureka is a video campaign aimed at providing real information on the drugs impacting our community---specifically opiate and methamphetamine.  Let’s Get Real Eureka isn’t your typical, “drugs are bad for you…” campaign, the goal is to provide educational information on these drugs---the good, the bad and ugly---and not just with the intention to scare youth away from them, but to educate them so they can make better informed choices.


Traditional anti-drug campaigns typically consist of adults talking down to the audience, or telling kids how dangerous drugs are.  These campaigns are also completely out of touch with what most young adult’s lives are like.


Let’s Get Real Eureka takes Eureka Parks & Recreation, along with drug counseling professionals from Alcohol Drug Care Services directly to groups of young adults living in Eureka. These groups facilitate conversations about how drugs may have impacted their life, and answer any real questions they may have about drugs. 


These groups then watch different anti-drug PSAs, then youth point out what the anti-drug campaign got wrong, and what they could have done differently to actually connect with their age demographic. 


Next, these groups work collaboratively to write and film a Let’s Get Real Eureka campaign video, in a way that both spoofs what other anti-drug PSA’s got wrong, and infuse it with raw and real facts that will resonate with Eureka’s youth population.


A teaser for these Let’s Get Real Eureka videos are aired on local television stations and other media platforms, with the intention of directing viewers to GetRealEureka.com, where they can watch the video in its entirety, as well as have access to resources if they feel they need them.

A Collaborate effort of:
Alcohol Drug
Care Services, Inc.